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Ziggma’s Free Portfolio Analytics Tool helps you invest without breaking the bank. Analyze and monitor your portfolio like a pro in no time.



What is Ziggma's objective?
The Ziggma Portfolio Manager has been specifically designed to assist investors with their portfolio management through innovative portfolio monitoring views and easy-to-use portfolio tracking and optimization tools. But not only! We have also equipped Ziggma with a market leading multi-asset securities selection tool that is embedded in the Ziggma Portfolio Builder. By combining our Multi-Asset Screener with the Portfolio Builder investors can optimize or even build their portfolios from scratch in one single view. The embedded Instant Portfolio Simulator enables investors to test the impact of a contemplated transaction on the portfolio's key parameters related to risk and key fundamentals, before actually adding the security.

Getting Started

What is the difference between the Free version, Ziggma Monitor and Ziggma Optimize?
Please refer to our comparative Feature Overview

Security And Privacy

Is the personal information I enter to connect to my account safe?
Yes, it is. This step is handled by Plaid, the leading provider of this service (account aggregation) in the US. Plaid works with pretty much every bank in the United States. The fact that the company was recently acquired by VISA for over $ 5 billion is a testament to the quality of its technology. You can learn more about Plaid’s data privacy protection and policy by clicking on the respective links. In the interest of complete clarity, your bank account log-in information is handled solely by Plaid. At no point in time will your bank account log-in information travel to or through the Ziggma systems.