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Stock Screener

Identify great investing ideas with the Ziggma Stock Screener and Multi-Asset Scanner.

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The Stock Scanning And Analysis Tool That Gets You Results Fast

The Ziggma Stock Screener and Multi-Asset Scanner places the best and most suitable securities for your portfolio right at your fingertips. For instance, we specifically designed our Multi-Asset Scanner to make the screening process as efficient and effective as possible.

Above all, you will quickly realize that it saves you tons of valuable time.

Find Great Investing Ideas Within Each Asset Class

Whether you are looking for stocks, ETFs or bonds to invest in, simply set your parameters and get results in split seconds.

The Ziggma Multi-Asset Scanner runs with lightning speed displaying the number of selection results as you screen.


Search And Filter Stocks To Find The Best Opportunities

We designed our Stock Screener to provide functionality, flexibility and ease of use. Thus allowing you to find the shares that match your investment style.

Simply apply the key performance indicators that matter to you.

Convenient Ruler Bars For Precise And Rapid Multi-Asset Scanning

Are you tired of drop down menus and edit buttons? Us too.

Check out our ruler bars by simply dragging the ruler left and right. So you can calibrate your search to find the best companies fast. Search and filter stocks by index, country or industry. Additionally, with Ziggma you can even screen by industry specific ratios for banks, insurance and real estate companies.

Quick Views Within Your Scanning Results

Once you have compiled a shortlist of companies meeting your selection criteria, you can use our quick views to get an initial idea of the company with a short profile, key performance indicators and mini charts illustrating the price trend.

Do you like what you see? Add the company to your portfolio or dig deeper by checking out our great financial data in our Company Performance views.

Side By Side Screening View: Your Current Portfolio And Your Shortlist Compiled With The Multi-Asset Scanner

The Ziggma Multi-Asset Scanner is fully integrated into the Portfolio Builder. Certainlly this is hugely advantageous for the user experience. That is to say, the all-in-one view enables you to manage and optimize your portfolio much more efficiently. As a result, you can screen for stocks, ETFs and bonds and view your portfolio at the same time without needing to constantly switch screens.


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